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We love the OPUS23 software because it uses a large information database to give physicians the research they need to make the best treatment plan for your unique self. Folks who have already done 23andMe or Ancestry genetic analysis have the code for OPUS to run through. It's a great way to look into our deepest selves, our genetic code, to create a lifestyle and health plan that best suits us. We love this technology because it is a great way for health care practices to look at your personal and unique health needs.

We love OMBRE because just as OPUS23 creates a unique recommendation of diet and lifestyle, OMBRE takes genetics from a stool sample to create a personalized probiotic to promote microbiome wellness. Those with chronic food allergies and sensitivities, mood and digestive issues may benefit greatly from this analysis. ALSO, if you have already done OPUS23 we can run your OMBRE data through which will give even more lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations taking into account your OPUS23 report.

Your Visit Before your visit you can send your raw data to info@gorgecommunitywellness that you received from your DNA kit(s). Thryve has a .csv file and 23&me and ancestry have a .zip file. We have more instructions (here)

Existing Patients- Let us know if we are billing insurance to review results. Reports and kits are not covered by insurance. Please confirm if your insurance will cover your visit with Dr.Fisher by calling your insurance company and asking if Dr. Joanna Fisher ND is in their network and what your patient responsibility per visit is, and your annual deductible, we don't like surprise bills either and whether you are covered or not is the patient's responsibility.

During your visit, you and Dr. Fisher will review your results and go over any health plan implementations.

After your visit, We are here to support you! Let us know if you have any followup questions or would like to become a patient if you are not already. These Direct to Consumer products are a great tool for you and your physician to use on your wellness journey.

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How to find 23andMe and Ancestry Raw Data Downloads for  OPUS23 Software  

Downloading 23andMe DNA Data

You can access your raw genetic data within your 23andMe account one of three ways: Navigate directly to you.23andme.com/tools/data/

Click on Resource in the footer at the bottom of your homepage, and select  Browse Raw Data from the available resources.

Visit your Account Settings and click on “View” under 23andMe Data. You will see  a blue “Download Raw Data” button which will redirect you to the download raw  data page. 

The main view of the Browse Raw Data feature shows the same pictorial representation of  each chromosome — including a Y chromosome — for all users. It is important to note that  except in rare genetic cases, women do not inherit a Y chromosome and will see “not  determined” for markers found on the Y chromosome.

Downloading Your Raw Data

To download your raw data, click on the Download tab from within the top navigation  bar within the Browse Raw Data feature and scroll down until you see the "Submit  request" button. You will receive an email to the email address associated with your  23andMe account when your raw data download file is ready. Typically, files are ready  within 1 hour.

Locating Your Downloaded File

After you submit a request for your raw data file, you will be emailed when the file is ready  to download. Just follow the instructions provided in the “Your 23andMe raw data download  is ready!” email.

The Raw Data file will be downloaded in the form of a zipped (.zip) text file, and its  name begins with the word genome. If you are having trouble locating your raw data file,  try searching your computer for a file containing the word “genome”. Once you have located  your file in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop, you should have the zipped version  of the file.

Some computers may automatically unzip the file for you, but we need the zip file. Don’t  double click on the downloaded file as that might initiate extracting (unzipping) the zipped  file. Add the download as an attachment and send it to info@gorgecommunitywellness.com.  Call me if you get stuck! 503-328-8080.


Downloading Ancestry DNA Data  

1. Go to your DNA Settings page. If prompted, sign in to your account. To get to this page  from any page on Ancestry, click the DNA tab > Your DNA Results Summary > Settings. 2. On your DNA settings page, scroll to the Actions section and click Download next to  Download DNA Data. 

3. Enter your password, check the box, and click Confirm. You'll get an email containing  a link to confirm the download. The downloaded file will not be in the email itself; in the email,  you'll click a link that will bring you back to Ancestry. 

4. In the email, click Confirm Data Download. A download link can be used just once, and  it will expire after one week. If your link has expired, start over at step 1. 

5. If prompted, sign in. On the Download DNA Data page on Ancestry, click Download  DNA Data. If you’re brought to a page that contains a DNA ad rather than a sign in page, you  may be in someone else’s account; click the name or username in the top-right corner to sign  out, then sign in to your account. 

6. The file will be downloaded to your computer. The file name will be dna-data- (date).zip. If you can’t find it, check your Downloads folder or search for the file name (if you  have a PC) by clicking the Windows key on your keyboard and entering the file name in the  search field that appears, or (if you have an Apple computer) by clicking the Spotlight  icon in the top-right corner of your screen and entering the file name in the search field. To  open the file, double-click it. 

7. Some computers may automatically unzip the file for you, but Dr. Fisher needs the zip file. Don’t double click on the downloaded file as that might initiate  extracting (unzipping) the zipped file. Add the original download as an email  attachment and send it to info@gorgecommunitywellness.com. Call me if you get  stuck! 503-328-8080.

To Download Ombre Raw Data

1. login to your ombre gut app at https://account.ombrelab.com/signin
2. On the left panel option list, choose "My Kits"
3. Choose "Download CSV" of your registered sample kit
4. Save download as your First and Last Name.cvs file (keep as .cvs)
5. Email your file folder attachment to info@gorgecommunitywellness.com and schedule your Ombre appointment if you haven't yet!

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