TGCW Mission Statement

Vision: TGCW ensures the highest quality health-care for each patient through offering a variety of health care and an intricate referral system throughout the Gorge community.  We provide group cooking classes, exercise classes, and weekly support meetings so that you feel that your health education is well rounded on your journey.

Mission: The Gorge Community Wellness encourages respect, equality, and vitality for the community by coordinating Naturopathic medical care with other medical professionals to ensure the highest quality health care for each patient. With diligent compassion, we provide tools to build our community’s health while empowering individuals to become self-sufficient in their health.  

Services provided: primary care, pain management, body work, structural integration, acupuncture, ozone sauna, Altitude Contrast Training, nutrition classes, exercise consultation. 

Conditions & Diseases Addressed: Endocrine disorders, Thyroid issues, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Digestive Disturbances, Food Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Mental-Emotional Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Spiritual Imbalances, Women's Health Issues, Women's Cycle Regulation, Menopause, Men's Health issues, Chronic Pain

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